The Ready Center and Why We Exist

Here at The Ready Center, we exist to challenge you by asking you one simple question.  ARE YOU READY…?  We ask because we care about our nation and we care about it’s people.  We care about you and yours.  It is our goal to inform you and equip you so that you are READY for what the world throws at you.  Whether it’s a natural disaster, man-made disaster, financial collapse, national fuel shortage, terrorist attack, cessation of public services, home invasion, or even a zombie apocalypse, we want you to stand prepared and READY.  The Ready Center staff will work tirelessly to provide you with emergency and survival information, planning, news articles,  and products that are relevant to you, your family, and your READYness.

Also remember, The Ready Center Blog is a community that is not designed to inform and equip only you.  The Ready Center Blog is designed to inform and equip you, your family, your friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, and your community as a whole.  As ego-enhancing as it is to envision ourselves enduring hardships all on our own as we see in many apocalyptic movies and outdoor survival tv shows, the simple fact is that we stand a much better chance if we’ve teamed with other like-minded folk who are also prepared.  So, please share The Ready Center Blog with those in your immediate and extended communities as we move forward together making ourselves, our families, our communities, and hopefully our nation READY for what ever may come.

The Ready Center asks that you seriously consider the question that we posed as a challenge at the beginning of this article.  How will you meet this challenge?  How will you prepare?  More importantly, how will you respond to the voice in your head when it asks you, ARE YOU READY…?

The Ready Center 

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