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Yukon Buck is a new literary contributor to The Ready Center Blog.  Yukon Buck is an avid outdoorsman, active sportsman, and an extremely intelligent prepper.  We are both proud and fortunate to be blessed by his contributions.  Please take the time to welcome him and as always, enjoy the article.     –  The Ready Center


There is a disease spreading, a disease that is as old as time itself.  It is highly contagious and spread not by germs, but by the human psyche.  It is incapacitating, crippling, and like a cancer it eats away at hope and life.  This disease I speak of is FEAR.

Fear itself is not a bad thing and there are many different facets to it.  Fear is a beneficial instinct given to us by our creator to help protect us from the harms of life.  If we fear nothing, then
we would have nothing to stop us from doing stupid and dangerous things and possibly, getting ourselves killed.

Most people in our society who attempt to cope with fear usually do so one simple way:  they ignore it.  They tuck it away, try to forget it, and pretend that ignoring it is somehow making them stronger.  Sad…  Instead of trying to ignore our fear, we should be using fear to our advantage.

Example:  Have you ever noticed how most people in dangerous situations usually don’t realize that they are in danger?  They seem to think that whoever is in charge somehow has everything under control.  Should we really trust that pilot, boat captain, or bus driver to have our best interests at hand?  Should we really trust our car, truck, or boat to work flawlessly every single time we need them to?  Internally we should all be asking ourselves these questions (and many others…) Doing so may not only prolong our life, but it may save it.

Fear generates an essential defense mechanism that I like to call “The What if Syndrome” which in turn generates a thought process that can successfully lead you through potential dangerous and life threatening situations.  For example, asking yourself, “What if my power goes out and I don’t have electricity?”  may lead to, “…then my heater fan will stop and I won’t have heat!” which may lead to, “…and my well pump will not work and I won’t have water!”  Which will hopefully lead to, “…I better go out and buy a generator!”

This brings us to the prepper mindset.  Most preppers, large or small, are preppers because of “The What if Syndrome”.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust the government enough to put my life in their hands.  Nor do I trust them to run our farms, banks, or auto industries.  When the government takes control of businesses or programs, you always get a less than quality product and many times no product at all. Anyone from the Midwest can tell you how awesome those government run fields look.  That is, if you can see the crops from behind all those weeds…  Well, that’s assuming they even bothered to plant crops in those fields at all…

Has there ever been anything that our government has run that is awesome or innovative or sets the bar or leads the way?  Apart from our military I can’t think of a thing. It is the individual that does those things.  America used to be a place where innovation and productivity was rewarded.  Now you get taxed out the wazoo if you start making a good income while others in our society are rewarded with a free paycheck for sitting at home on their butt smoking weed.

When I think of government run businesses or programs, I think of the rest areas along the interstate systems of America.  Dirty, trashy, cheaply thrown together, but functional for the masses.  Can you imagine what our newly government run hospitals will look like in 10 years?!  The government tries to use fear against honest citizens.  The goal?  To make people like you and I think that the government is the answer to all of our needs.  To sell us on the lie that we somehow need government to care for us and keep us safe – because we’re too stupid to take care of ourselves.  The truth: Government run care and safety = control.  And government control = the end of free will, innovation, and inevitably the end of the American way of life.

The good news is that controlling your fear and using it as a survival tool instead of a crippling disease is easy and empowering.  Nothing feels better than not having to depend on anyone for anything.  When you grow your own food, load your own bullets, hunt or fish for your own meat, pick herbs that heal you without going to the government run health system, you – not some external system – control the outcome.  So stop crying about the election and do something.  When all those idiots that voted the wrong way are starving in the streets and dying from government run programs because they need uncle sugar to wipe their bottoms, you and I can be sitting on our porch reloading some ammo with a rifle sitting next to the generator while snacking on some home grown green beans and carrots while the venison and moose flank is roasting away in the crock pot.  So make today count… turn your fear into action.


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