Prepping on $20 a Paycheck – Part 7 of 24

Posted: April 1, 2013 in $20 Prepping, Family, First Aid, Prepping, Urban Survival
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First Aid The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

So far, we’ve covered a lot of ground together when it comes to preparedness.  And if you’re completely new to the preparedness scene and have been following through with this series since the beginning, you have much to be proud of!  In continuing with our “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck” series, this pay period we recommend your next addition be a first aid kit.

First Aid Kit The Ready CenterMore often than not, I find that first aid kits are absent all together when most people are assembling their Emergency and Survival Bags.  They  don’t look as cool as a new and shiny knife and aren’t as bragged about as massive food supplies.  But the reality is, if you can’t keep yourself alive past the simplest of injuries, you won’t even have the chance to enjoy your other supplies.

Having a first aid kit is a must.  And if you can afford a beefy one with more supplies than you need, get it.  This is the one area that a prepper should never skimp on because a first aid kit is useful two-fold.  First and above all, you gotta keep yourself alive and kickin’.  A first aid kit can help you do that.  After all, isn’t that what’s preparedness is about, staying alive?  The Ready Center Injured LedSelf preservation is the name of the game.  If you don’t have measures in place to help you self preserve, you die.  Period.  Game over.  And if you die someone else will end up with your preps – Not cool!  Second, you gotta keep others alive and kickin’.  This is also why we prep!  This is what the Bible, our conscience, and the rest of society expect us to do.  Life is a beautiful and precious thing, regardless of whose life we’re talking about.  And if you’re prepping without the intention of keeping others alive, warm, safe, and well fed, you have truly missed the boat completely.The Ready Center Injured

When it comes to contemplating what first aid kit is best for you and your family, it’s important that you ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • If I were fortunate enough to survive a disaster such as tornado, hurricane, flood, etc, but found myself injured, do I have the supplies I need to dress my wounds so I am able to continue caring for my family?
  • In the wake of a tornado, hurricane, or like disaster, do I really think I’d be able to find the medical supplies I have stored all over my house?The Ready Center Injured Man
  • Can I really consider myself as a responsible parent if I don’t have some sort of kit to use in the event my child is injured?
  • If after a terrible disaster, I were to discover an injured person amongst the rubble in my yard, do I have enough of what I need to help both them and my family?
  • If a disaster does strike, do I really want on my mind that I could have saved somebody’s life had I only purchased a $20 first aid kit?

None of the above questions are totally eye opening, jaw dropping, or life changing questions that should re-shape your preparedness philosophy.  However, it is our hope that some of them are simple, yet serious questions that demonstrate the need for a kit and get you thinking about what type of kit you might need.  The only recommendation The Ready Center has for you is this:  Get a first aid kit that’s bigger than what you think you need.  If you are a family of one, get a 5 person first aid kit.  If you are a family of 5, get a 10 person first aid kit.  So on and so on.

And remember, don’t ever skimp when it comes to your first aid kit.  A first aid kit can literally mean the difference between life or death in hairy situations.  So when shopping for your first aid kit, pay attention to the contents, not just the label that says “5 person kit” or “204 piece kit”.  Having a 204 piece kit sounds great until you realize you got duped into a first aid kit with 200 tongue depressors and 4 band aids.  Make sure the $20 kit you decide to purchase has the basics and essentials such as band aids, butterfly closures, medical tape, different size gauze pads, a gauze roll, a trauma pad, a tweezer, a finger splint, antiseptic wipes, gloves (for your protection), and a sturdy case at a minimum.  Like I’ve said before:  You’re worth it, and so is your family.

Challenging you to MAKE READY!

The Ready Center

First Aid The Ready Center

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  1. Mr. Survival says:

    I like the idea of buying up a good first aid kit and understand that this series is about keeping the price tag under $20, but if you can sport the cash, go out and get a full medic’s kit. Yeah they are spendy, but they have all the goodies that you’ll wish you had if you only get a first aid kit. That is if you ever need to use it – which is hopefully never.

    And I’m not really agreeing with the whole dollar store idea. I find 2 things generally true about dollar stores. 1 – most items you purchase in the dollar store can generally be purchased at walmart for around $0.59, so don’t even bother. and 2 – the products you find in a dollar store are generally crap. you get what you pay for.

    All in all, this is good stuff. Looking forward to the next.


  2. B-Radical says:

    I’m really enjoying this series too. Keep them coming!

  3. Great post. The dollar store is a great place to pick up first aid items on the cheap if you don’t mind putting the kit together yourself. Pre-made kits are ok, as long as you know what you are getting, and you are likely overpaying. The other thing I would say is making sure you know how to use what is in your kit. All the bandages in the world will do you no good if you don’t know how to use them correctly. I have been reading a bunch of first aid books checked out from the library to increase my first aid knowledge. I have also been looking at trauma aid classes and have recently gotten CPR/AED certified. Knowledge is key, and usually it is pretty cheap and easy to find if you look for it.

    • Homestead Dad! You’re on top of your game again. We have a future article in the works about knowing you medical do’s and don’ts as you just mentioned. We wish more people had their stuff together like you do!

      • I don’t have my stuff together, but working on it. Enjoying the series very much. The nice thing about knowledge like I said, is that you can do it for free from the library and net. So you don’t have to cut into the $20 a paycheck to obtain it.

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