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Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

Imagine this scenario: You lose electricity for a couple of weeks starting this evening.  Now look around your house and ask yourself a few questions. How would you cook?  How would you bathe or shower?  How would you keep you and your kids warm.  What would you use to keep your kids occupied.

Empty Shelves The Ready CenterIf there was an oil embargo on the U.S. and the semi-trucks stopped hauling food to the grocery stores, could you keep food in your children’s stomachs?  Do you have even a small reserve of shelf stable foods to keep your family alive?  Do you have some of the basic food staples that sustain life such as rice or pinto beans (which require only water for preparation)?  Do you have other shelf stable snacks to help the old and the young combat appetite fatigue?  How long could you keep everyone fed?

The Ready Center Nuclear PlantWhat about if you had to evacuate your house immediately due to the uncontrolled spread of wildfires, a nuclear plant  meltdown, or a chemical spill in your area?  In more instances than not, the authorities don’t give you time to pack. They just knock on your door and tell you to leave ASAP.  Do you have a Bug Out Bag packed and ready to go that contains some extra clothes, water, basic hygiene items, snacks, and digital copies of important documents for each member of your family?  Do you have enough fuel in your vehicle to get you out of town in a hurry?  Do you you have an alternate route planned if the major roadways are gridlocked?

Stranded The Ready CenterIf you were stuck in your car due to a snow storm, had flat tire in the desert, or experienced a breakdown in  a remotely traveled part of the backwoods, how long could you stay alive?  How long could you keep your family safe and warm?

We present these obviously extreme situations because they are not only things you should think about, but these are things you should actively preparing for.  Ask yourself if you’re prepared to handle any one of these situations.  If the answer is no, can you honestly say that you’re taking the safety and self preservation of you and your family seriously?

Do you have car insurance to help you in the event of a car loss, house insurance to help you in the event of a house loss,or  renters insurance to help you in the event of a property loss?  If so, why would you spend so much per month on each one of those and not make a one time purchase of emergency food in the event of a food loss or food shortage?  Why on earth would you not make a one time purchase of simple items such as a flashlight, emergency radio, bottled water, a first aid kit, a bug out bag, in home survival kit, or automotive emergency kit?

You could probably purchase everything listed above for the price of one or two months of house insurance.  Isn’t it just wrong not to do that?  Especially if you have a family?  I’m doing my best not to play on your emotions, but for goodness sakes – taking care of your loved ones should be THE PRIORITY for you whether you’re a “prepper” or not.  These shouldn’t even be considered “prepper” issues.  IT’S JUST PLAIN COMMON SENSE!  My grandparents were raised in dirt floor houses in North Dakota and had to plan for devastating winters with temperatures reaching below 50 degrees.  Do you think storing food, water, clothing, extra candles and oil lamps were considered “prepping” ideas back then?  Heck no!  It was called not being stupid and lazy.  It was called being a responsible parent.  It was called hoping for the best and planning for the worst.  AKA – COMMON SENSE!  And I think our current culture is in desperate need of a heavy dose of it.

If our consumeristic “I only have to focus on the here and now” culture has got you blinded to some of the more important things God has given you, I hope this is your wake up call.  There is a much bigger picture than our media and culture would have you believe.  Let today be your “eye opening” moment.  Choose to see the bigger picture and stop planning on the inept government to bail you out in the event a disaster strikes.  Because if you didn’t notice, the people from hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy are still very much so in the hurt bag.

Today I am challenging you to Make Ready!  Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Don’t wait until next week.  Start today.  Do something.  Do anything.  Just don’t do nothing.

We’re excited about the changes you’re going to make in your future and would love to hear about your progress.

Make Ready!

The Ready Center

Highway The Ready Center

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