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So it has come time to write about more of the free things that companies have sent me over the past two months.  I was hoping to write monthly, but the end of February was a bit dismal in my acquisition of freebies.  The goodie bag in our dining room slowly filled as I watched and waited these last two months.  I don’t open the items for use until I write the article – I’m sure you wouldn’t like to see a bunch of half eaten products and wrappers, so here we go!!!

If you refer to the last freebie article I submitted on this (click here), you’ll see all the cool things I received in the mail between November and February.  Since then, I’ve tried to be loyal to my WeHeartFreebies site, again only requesting the types of things my family would use – no pet food, stop smoking products, etc.

This has also grown into a test bed for products for my family as well – go figure… the business community knows what they’re doing when they send you a $0.50 sample and you decide to become a regular customer.

As you might imagine from February’s list, the following were consumed: the diapers, coffee/mixes, teas, Airborne products, the dishwasher soap, nasal strips, vitamins, and the Mrs. Dash.  The dishwasher soap was a God-send as we’ve been having problems getting a clean rinse on our dishes and the Finish dishwashing tabs did it.  See? They got me.

The following were deemed savable for prepping as they either had a REALLY far out expiration date or no expiration at all: Playtex pads, Purex laundry soap, shampoos and conditioners, and lotions.  Plus their individual sized nature made saving them an easy decision.

These past two months, I tried, another site that requires a login.  While they have some different stuff, most of what they had was identical to WeHeartFreebies.  I also did a few random searches on Pinterest and Google for “free samples.”  I have learned that Target sends away samples of different products too, as this was where I got a few of my freebies.  As I said last time, keep trying, but think smart, not hard… it’s not supposed to be a lot of work or frustrating.

So what do I have this month? What have I mustered up over the past two months?  Lets see:

* 2 Safety Catches for cabinets and drawers – a result of freelance searching

* 2 Sliding locks for cabinets – a result of freelance searching

* 3 food bars (breakfast/snack, meal, & treat) from Atkins – along with a lot of fun info

* 1 sample of Tums freshers antacid

* 1 sample of Kate Spade fragrance

* 4 samples of Gucci fragrances

* 2 samples of VitaMelts Vitamin C from NatureMade – the second arrived with an apology after the first one came pulverized to a powdery existence

* 1 sample of Propel Zero

* 1 sample of Tricalm – an astringent for itching, burning and stinging

* 1 sample of Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cream

* 3 samples of Lipton 100% natural tea

* 2 samples of nectresse sweetener – not sure how “natural” this stuff is

* 1 more sample of Eucerin lotion

* $6.75 in coupons – accompanied the samples

So you see, with little effort and a few minutes from time to time, I have yet again managed to come up with an addition to my prepping and everyday arsenal.  And, hey! No matter how good or bad the months seemed to be as far as numbers, I’m happy to remind myself that I got all of this stuff by spending just a little bit of my time on the internet and I paid NO MONEY AT ALL to get them sent right to my door.


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The Ready Center Freebie Pic 2



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