Video: African American Perspective on Gun Control – Part 4

Yet another voice from a concerned African-American citizen who refuses stand idle while the current administration attempts to rape her (and the rest of us) of our right to self defense.

“…your freedom needs to be protected.  And how do you protect freedom?  Well let’s just think about the last group of people in this country who were forbidden from owning guns – that would be black people.  Why?  Because we were slaves.  And what would happen if you gave a slave a gun?  Well, they would no longer be a slave…  It’s what keeps a society free, because when a government knows that it’s citizens can rise up against it – well, they’re a little less inclined to enslave it’s population.  It’s why every dictator in modern history has begun with a gun ban in their country under the auspices of protection and safety.  But what it did was disarm the citizenry.”

Don’t be a slave.  Learn from history.  Stand up for your rights.  Fight for your freedom.

The Ready Center

The Ready Center Kira Davis




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