Prepping on $20 a Paycheck – Part 13 of 24

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Yes, this is another one of those articles in which we recommend that you don’t buy anything with your $20.  We told you there would be more articles of the like and here one is.  With this paycheck, we recommend that you change in your $20 bill in for four $5 bills.

The Ready Center As mentioned in a previous article (click here), the goal of the “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck” series is to assure you have plenty of water for you and your family, enough supplies to cover all of the basics during and emergency, and $100 cash laying around to help you purchase the things that you don’t have.  If you’ve been following along so far, you should already have a roll of quarters and ten $1 bills stashed away in your kit already for a total of $20 emergency cash.  Today, as you add your four $5 bills to your previous emergency cash, you should have a whopping total of $40 emergency cash.  That may not sound like a lot, but in dire situations it may help you acquire some much needed supplies, or even some much needed luxuries.  Here is an example why:

In 2004 and 2005 I lived in a remote part of South West Asia for 18 months.  We had all of the necessities a person would need to sustain life.  Food, water, and shelter were all covered.  But as you and I both know – there is more to life than just the necessities.  After being in the sand and the heat for such an extended period of time, we were in desperate need of some of life’s luxuries.  When the luxuries finally did show up, people had to cough up serious amounts of cash if they wanted to get some of them before it was all gone.  I saw with my very own eyes how prices could sky rocket in mere moments.  Cans of Mountain Dew and rolls of toilet paper were selling for between $5 and $20 each.  Bars of good smelling soap were selling for $5 to $10 each.  And you don’t even want to know what people were paying for cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The scary thing was this:  It wasn’t the sellers who were hiking up the prices.  It was the buyers…  Prices always started off normal.  It was the desperate buyers who would bid prices upward to 2000% over fair market value and thus cause panic buying and hoarding of some of life’s simple luxuries.  It was sad.

Five Dollar Bill - The Ready CenterNow imagine that the region you live in (or worse, the entire United States…) is affected by some major long term economic, electrical production, or oil distribution disaster.  Our world could and world be at a stand still.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be one step ahead of the panic buyers and hoarders?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have cash on hand to purchase some much needed items such as milk or blankets, even if the prices were sky high.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the cash on hand to purchase a few luxuries such as coffee or chocolate bars if they were available?  Of course…  the answer is yes!

The point here is simply this: having some emergency cash on hand can and will save you some serious heart-ache when the banks and ATM machines are temporarily out of service.  While other people will be running around in a panic like the sky is falling, you can be one step ahead of the mindless masses and focus on the next matter at hand.  So take your four $5 bills, add it to your roll of quarters and ten $1 bills, and tune in on the 15th of this month for your next installment of “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck.”


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