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Greetings Ready Center followers!

The Ready Center Square OrangeAs Buck Ready already wrote, we here at The Ready Center apologize for the long delay in helping you stay prepared.  As you can probably imagine… life get going fast sometimes.  Originally, we planned to just be out for a brief time for vacation, but between family, travel, school, business, military obligations, and a more than a few unexpected stops at the emergency room … well, we found ourselves busier than we had intended.  And for those of you wondering about our giveaway, we have not forgotten you – now that we’re home again, the results will be out shortly!

So as we are back into a routine – or as much routine as life allows – we appreciate you standing by us.  So without further ado, I’d like to give you a deeper glimpse into two reasons WHY we’ve been so distracted (and yes, it even has to do with being READY).

For our close friends and family, these preparations will come as no surprise.  As I’ve learned from my wonderful husband, preparing doesn’t always mean stocking up on goods and supplies.  Sometimes, it means preparing your heart and mind for life’s next journey.  For us, the journey God has set for us may take us north or it may take us south in a year – geographically speaking – but we will be making that move with another kiddo in the Ready family!

Prepared For Baby - The Ready CenterSo… preparations… first, we’re preparing for baby #2.  Inspired by my sister-in-law’s pre-purchasing of diapers and wipes, I applied our “one-thing list” theory to the very same items.  Did you know that if you start 6 months before baby is born, the average amount of money you need to set aside each week for enough diapers and wipes to last until they are 9 months old is just barely over $10?  Yes, that totals to just over $600, but doesn’t $10 a week sound a lot better?  Plus, since we’re still months out from baby, I have the added benefit of not needing any diapers or wipes right now, so I can wait out stores for their sales and buy them cheaper – thus saving money and not letting baby decide when I need to restock.  This theory applies to any preparation, and I’m glad that I learned it early!

Second, I’m preparing to not have a standard job in about a year.  I have been blessed to have family support at home with our first born while I served our military full time.  Buck Ready has been my knight in shining armor.  I could never put down the uniform, but having kids changes a lot… so I shall become a weekend warrior/stay-at-home mommy!  Buck would tell you that I can’t sit idle – even with kids.  So, now that my Master’s degree is done, I’m working on my own business that we hope will supplement our ever-prepping family’s health and wellness, and which we hope to share with you!  Young Living Essential Oils.

Living Renewed - The Ready CenterWhy essential oils?  Two big reasons.  First – pure essential oils like Young Living’s are great for a variety of medical ailments, from stopping headaches and bleeding to relieving athlete’s foot and depression, without the use of OTC (Over The Counter) medicines.  Second – they never expire, so they’re a perfect prepping tool for your kit.  That’s a hint for those of you who already have/use oils – if your essential oils have an expiration date, they’re not pure.  But like any product that we introduce to you at The Ready Center, we have our testing and research to do.  So, in addition to my freebies updates, be on the watch for more information on how to add these extras to your short and long-term prepping arsenal.

Until next time, Happy Prepping!

The Ready Center

Good Things - The Ready Center




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