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Here at The Ready Center we try to spend more time preparing you, rather than entertaining you.  We hope you appreciate that and find value in the substance that we put forth.  However, every once in a while we do like to drop you reminders of survival, preparedness, and post-apacolyptic tv shows that most (or some) of you would enjoy.  The Walking Dead Season 4 is one of them.

The Walking Dead is the most watched drama in the history of basic cable – and that’s no small feat.  The show follows a group of survivors as they live in a post-apacolyptic world in which a pandemic claimed a great majority of the world’s population causing those who have passed away to rise again and prey on the living.  This drama centers around a man named Rick, a former deputy sheriff, who essentially becomes the group’s leader as they do their best to work together in what seems like a hopeless environment.   Previous seasons have shown the hardships of living in a world void of our loved ones, the danger and trauma involved of fighting off the flesh-eating walking dead, as well as the horrific notion that even the worst attacks can come from those who are still living.

This season promises to build on these platforms by showing us that….  um…. well…. we don’t know.  BUT, we hear it’s going to be pretty dang amazing!  And the video trailer below will give you a taste of what’s in store for this season.

Watch the preview, watch season 4, and tell us what you think.  Enjoy!

Make Ready,

The Ready Center

The Walking Dead Season 4 - The Ready Center




  1. The Walking Dead is the most watched drama in the history of basic cable – and that’s no small feat.

  2. Mr. Survival says:

    I slightly agree with Bad Boy, but also appreciate that they “upped” their survival considerations for the sake of the story line. I liked that they were gardening and raising a few animals (pigs and chickens I think). I like that there is a council, and a library with story time for the kids. I like that there were crews designated to do certain tasks that helped ensure the survivability of the group.

    But like Bad Boy said, it just wasn’t the greatest when it came to story telling. I’m guessing next week’s episode will be much better. But let’s face it, if if isn’t we’ll all still watch it week after week after week. 🙂

    • Well Said, Mr. Survival! The preparedness portion of the show was also quite noticeable from our end too. Did you notice their water pump system for taking showers or the industrial sized food preparation area that would be a necessity if you were cooking for a group that large? They also had a water catchment system with a gravity fed disbursement line hanging on one of the fences too. Way to go for the set team at The Walking Dead!


  3. Bad Boy says:

    I have to say I was fairly disappointed with the first episode of season 4. It seemed as if they spent more time on making the zombies more nasty and less time finding a real climax to the episode. The first few minutes of the season 3 premier was incredibly better than this entire episode. The first 3 seasons were good. I just hope they pick up the pace and bring season 4 up to the same standard.

    • I agree Bad Boy. It wasn’t as “high speed” as some of the episodes in previous seasons. That being said, you’ll still catch me tuning in next week. Haha! Thanks commenting!

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  5. B-Radical says:

    Sadly, I haven’t been able to watch it yet. I purchased the season on itunes instead of paying for cable. The downside is that the episodes air at 8pm CST but aren’t available for downloading until 2:30am CST. Sucks, but it’s better than paying for cable television every month. Either way, I’m excited! Only 2 more hours until I can download and watch!

  6. rmactsc says:

    I thought the season 4 premiere was an excellent episode; significantly better than many of the prior season premieres.

    • Well said, rmactsc. Now that you mention it, I’ve not seen an episode yet that wasn’t done to the highest of standards. All in all, it’s a darn good show. Thanks for commenting!

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