The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Premiere Tonight 9/8c (Video)

TWD S4E9 1 The Ready Center

TWD S4E9 2 The Ready CenterWell, I have some good news folks – Our painful and punishing 2 month wait is finally over!  The Walking Dead Season 4 will resume tonight at 9/8c.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m excited to see the second half of this season.  While season 4 most certainly started off slow, this second half has the potential to be exceptional as it seems the show is going back to the very basics:  sheer survival.

TWD S4E9 3 The Ready CenterI suspect we will see more real life struggle, more despair, and more of the die hard will to live that made this show a hit in season 1.  Now that everyone has been scattered to the wind thanks to the Governor, I’m pretty sure the story line is going to get pretty diverse and have multiple complex layers as characters try to find out what to do next.  We’ll get to see who reunites, who doesn’t, who grows, and who becomes utterly and completely broken.  All of which will keep us all glued to the television screen.  And who knows, we may even get to see Carroll again.  Maybe she will even rescue Rick down the road…  I guess we’ll see.TWD S4E9 4 The Ready Center

I’ve posted some of the promo videos for the mid-season premiere below.  As you would suspect, this episode looks pretty darn good.  Just how good…?  Well, I guess we will find out at 9/8c.

The Ready Center

TWD S4E9 1 The Ready Center




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