Whats New At The Ready Center

We have another update for you!  And on top of that we want to give a HUGE thanks to all of you in The Ready Center Community for both supporting us and each other!  We are proud to be the central hub and connecting point for so many caring and selfless people.  Anybody can prepare to care for their family and loved ones, but what we appreciate most about this community is the sheer willingness to use your preparations to show care for others when they are down and out.  It has truly left me speechless on more than one occasion.  Thank you for that.

And now for what’s new with THE READY CENTER:

  1. We have added over 100 New Products to our store since our last update and are expanding our product line almost daily!  Check it out!
  2. In addition to using Paypal as your preferred payment option, our store now accepts all major credit cards including American Express.  We hope this make your shopping experience here at The Ready Center that much more enjoyable.
  3. We are well aware that the carrier we were using for shipping was causing a HUGE price increase to the customer.  Well… WE HAVE FIXED IT!!!  We have added an additional carrier which has reduced shipping rates by almost 110% in some cases. (I know, wow!)  Add some items to your cart and get a shipping quote before completing your order.  We are sure you’ll be impressed!
  4. We have also updated the Glossary page on our Blog to include and explain even more terms you may encounter while learning and exploring within the preparedness community.  If you think a certain item, term, saying, or piece of equipment should be included in our Glossary, please forward us the information and we’ll get to it ASAP.
  5. We have also added a “Contact Us” page (click here) so we can better serve you with your individual preparedness concerns and product related questions.
  6. Lastly, we are giving Twitter a try.  If you like to tweet and would like to receive an occasional tweet from The Ready Center, click here to follow us.

Well, that’s all for now.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to serve you better!


The Ready Center

Whats New At The Ready Center




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