Shooting Advice: From A to Z

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I found another old email from a friend and thought I’d share it.  If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. If you don’t own a gun, you should get one and learn how to use it.

A: Guns have only two enemies: rust and politicians.

B: Its always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

C: Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

D: Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.

E: Never say “I’ve got a gun.” If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off. (I prefer the sound of a slug being chambered when you cock a shotgun)

F: The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes, the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.

G: The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary.

H: If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

J: In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!

K: If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about? (I call it being prepared)

L: You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.

M: You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.

N.  If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.  If you’re not loading, you should be moving.  If you’re not moving’, you’re dead.

O. You should carry a gun because carrying a cop is too heavy.

P:  Never pick a fight with an old man.  If he’s too old, he’ll just shoot you.

Q:  Never rely on the police.  When seconds count, the cops are always minutes away.

R:  Having a gun around the house that isn’t loaded is like having a car in the garage with no gas in tank.  It’s just stupid.

S: Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.

T: If you can choose what to bring to a gun fight, bring a long gun and a well armed friend.

U:  Having a gun in the house for an emergency is no different than having a fire extinguisher in the house for an emergency.  Just make sure they’re both loaded.

V: The sword may be more important than the shield, but skill is always more important than either.

W: Beware the person who only owns one gun.  He probably know how to use it.

X:  Always remember, the purpose of fighting is to win.  There is no possible victory in defense.

Y.  The final weapon is always the brain.  All else is supplemental.

Z: Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it’ll be empty.


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