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Oh how I wish this wasn’t the reality we live in…

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The Walking Dead Season 5 - The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

TWD5 00000Well, here it is…  After months of anticipation, excitement (and a great deal of frustration), AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to us tonight at 9pm (8pm Central Standard Time).  Tonight is the fist of sixteen episodes planned for season 5.  To be honest, I was pretty upset when I heard season 5 was only going to be 16 episodes!  I mean, does AMC really think that we the fans won’t be able to support an additional 4 episodes to round it off at an even twenty?!  (to tell AMC you want 20 episodes in season 6 click here)  After I calmed down from that self inflicted hysteria, I recalled how far The Walking Dead has actually come.  When season 1 first came out it was unheard of, unsupported, and was only a measly 6 episodes.  Fast forward to now and you have the most watched drama in basic cable history.  Why?  Three words – Basic Human Survival.

Yes, The Walking Dead has (more…)

Essential Oils for Disasters - The Ready Center

Article submitted by Shirley Ready @ The Ready Center

If you know my family, you know that we’ve become oily over the last year and a half. Did we strike black gold? Not so much… but I did find a key to keeping my family healthy for years to come.

It all started in April of 2013. The long story short is that I went from floored with a headache to no problems in 20 minutes without any OTC medications. As I did my research, I found that Young Living Essential Oils pure and of the highest quality. What was better to me is that I didn’t even have to worry about any side effects for me or the baby I was carrying.

Essential Oils Dropper - The Ready CenterWhen I brought the oils home, I obviously wanted to my husband to approve, but how would I explain why I chose Young Living and how they contributed to our family’s self-sufficiency? Then I found it. These oils don’t expire while the OTC and prescription medications do.  How is that possible? Because these oils are 100% pure, they kill off mold, bacteria, viruses and anything else that would threaten their shelf life. As long as they’re kept in a cool dark place, the molecular structure remains intact and (more…)