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TWD5 00000Well, here it is…  After months of anticipation, excitement (and a great deal of frustration), AMC’s The Walking Dead returns to us tonight at 9pm (8pm Central Standard Time).  Tonight is the fist of sixteen episodes planned for season 5.  To be honest, I was pretty upset when I heard season 5 was only going to be 16 episodes!  I mean, does AMC really think that we the fans won’t be able to support an additional 4 episodes to round it off at an even twenty?!  (to tell AMC you want 20 episodes in season 6 click here)  After I calmed down from that self inflicted hysteria, I recalled how far The Walking Dead has actually come.  When season 1 first came out it was unheard of, unsupported, and was only a measly 6 episodes.  Fast forward to now and you have the most watched drama in basic cable history.  Why?  Three words – Basic Human Survival.

Yes, The Walking Dead has an incredible background set that is believable to the “t”, an amazing and talented cast of actors, and an absolutely mind blowing story line, but then again, so does just about every other post-apacolyptic show out there. The Walking Dead - Rick - The Ready Center What makes The Walking Dead so different, I believe,  is the total and complete hopelessness that each and every survivor must face every waking minute of their life.

In The Walking Dead, everyone is broken.  Every situation is desperate.  And it has proven time and time again that nobody…  absolutely nobody is safe.  Ever.  That inner voice that says “What would I do if I were in that situation?” is brought up in our minds countless times every episode we watch.  What is even more amazing is that for as many times as we may ask ourselves this question, the situations are so raw and sometimes incapacitating that more often than not, we are unable to answer because of the painful fact that we have no idea what we would do.  Even though our minds may feel incapacitated and paralyzed by the utter hopelessness, in the back of our minds and in the very core of our hearts is one very real thing still stirring inside of us.  It gives us the hope and passion to live.  That thing is what we here at The Ready Center call Basic Human Survival.  And The Walking Dead is all about it.

To keep your excitement level up until TWD airs tonight, I’ve included a 3 minute trailer for season 5 as well as another clip showing the opening 4 minutes of tonights episode.  Both of which should hold you over…  for a few hours anyways.

Enjoy the season 5 premier, stop back and let us know what you thought of it, and as always, thanks for stopping by The Ready Center.  We appreciate every one of you.

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