“Day 1000” – A Post Apocalyptic Short Film

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Entertainment, Short Films, The Ready Center
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If you’re anything like me, you’re like a heroine addict going through withdrawals right now.  The Walking Dead and The Last Ship are between seasons.  Fear the Walking Dead is on a mid-season break.  Jericho, Falling Skies, and Revolution are thing of the past.  What on earth are we supposed to do…?!

i_need_my_fix_by_cassielsocksAWell, in an effort to get my post apocalyptic “fix” I’ve
gone on the search for a few more motion pictures that tell the triumphant tale the human spirit.  While doing so, I came across more than a few that were subpar – and I mean REALLY subpar.  Due to poor scripts, poor actings, and poor filmography, some were borderline unbearable.  Others were simply unwatchable.  That being said, once I got past the onslaught of shabby workmanship, I ended up finding a few gems.  “Day 1000” was one of those gems.

“Day 1000” tells the story of a young man named David.  David not only survived the initial pandemic that killed off the majority of the worlds population, but he has also endured 1000 straight days of survival in complete solitude.  When David is finally at the end of his rope and ready to end it all, he encounters an unexpected visitor in his home.

This film is very well done, but let me be clear about one thing – this film is not joyful or uplifting.  That being said, I feel it’s important to remind you that true survival rarely is.  I believe this film does an fantastic job of showing us just how broken and also how hopeful the human heart can be.

Again, if you’re like me and you need that “fix”, this 30 minute post apocalyptic short film should do the trick.  Enjoy.

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  1. That was good and seems accurate. To be honest, I would have probably shot a guy who hit me in the head with a shovel, too.

    It’s been like a year since you guys posted anything so I was surprised to see this post. I thought the blog was shut down and gone.

    • quarteracrehome, I understand where you’re coming from. Choosing self preservation over possible death is a no-brainer!
      As for posting after such a long break: we’ve been living in a remote and austere environment for almost two years now. Until very recently, home internet hasn’t exactly been an option where we’ve been living. We are actually living the life, not just blogging it. We garden forage, and hunt for our food, harvest and split wood to heat our home, etc. Now that internet seems to be an option for us, we’ll do our best to remain useful and relevant. Thanks for checking in on us!

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