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Emergency Radio The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

I wonder if this situation will end up being a long term event.  …Or will it be over in matter of days or hours?  Should I be rationing our water supplies?  …Or our food supplies?    I’m not even sure I have enough to do that.  Either way, I just hope they have some sort of professionals working on this.  This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be…  And I can’t let the others know I feel this way.  I need to look like I know what’s going on here.   I mean after all, they’re all looking to me for leadership and guidance.  This is really tough.  No power, no heat, no water, and I haven’t seen a police officer or government official since this thing hit.  Speaking of…. I wonder if we’re even safe in our own home right now.  Last night I heard multiple gunshots and a lot of screaming afterward.  This is not a good feeling.  I just wish I had an idea of what was going on out there…. (more…)


First Aid The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

So far, we’ve covered a lot of ground together when it comes to preparedness.  And if you’re completely new to the preparedness scene and have been following through with this series since the beginning, you have much to be proud of!  In continuing with our “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck” series, this pay period we recommend your next addition be (more…)

Propane Camping Stove The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of using a compact propane fueled camp stove during a power outage or during a camping trip knows how invaluable they are.  Especially so if you are cold and wet.  These little work-horses really are a “must have” for those who live in a cold environments year round, as well as for those who appreciate a hot meal.  This pay period we recommend you go out and get one.

You’ll find that compact propane fueled camp stoves are worth their weight in gold if/when you find yourself in a real “grid down (more…)

Mac & Cheese The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

Water?  Check.  Backpack containing knife and flashlight(s)?  Check.  So what’s next you ask…  A machine gun!  Duh!  Just kidding.  This pay period we recommend you cover one of the basic necessities of life:  Food.

What exactly you choose to get and how much you choose to get will depend upon your family size and dynamic.  This article, we will not be providing you with a rock solid recommendation on what exactly you should purchase.  Instead we will lay out some of the better options you have and (more…)

Survival Kit The Ready Center

Article Submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

For the past few pay periods you’ve been prepping by acquiring essential survival gear.  This pay period we recommend you pick up a backpack to hold all that awesome gear.  Could you really survive an emergency without one?  Definitely.  But realistically, most all of your emergency supplies will be scattered to the wind if you don’t have a place to consolidate them.  Do you really want to go around searching the house for your survival knife in the dark?  Do you really want to discover that your child found your emergency flashlight and used the batteries up in his/her latest midnight puppet show?  Do you want to be the guy rummaging through your kitchen, garage, and tool shed searching for (more…)

Flashlight The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center
You already have water.  You have a knife.  So what’s next on the “to buy” list?  We recommend you go out and buy yourself a heavy duty flashlight.  Maybe two, depending on your family.  The truth is, you can get a flashlight just about anywhere now days.  Department stores, grocery stores, sporting good stores, toy stores, and even gas stations have them on hand.  And you can purchase one for as little as a few dollars or as much as a few hundred dollars (more…)

The Ready Center Knife

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

In part 2 of “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck” we are still keeping it basic.  This pay period, we recommend you spend your twenty big ones on a quality fixed blade knife for you and your family.  Why a fixed blade knife?  We thought you’d never ask… (more…)

Water - The Ready Center

Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

First of all, congratulations on surviving 2012!  Turns out the end of the world wasn’t so bad after all!  In celebration of surviving the world’s great demise, The Ready Center will begin a new series of articles entitled “Prepping on $20 a Paycheck”.  It is our hope that these articles will better prepare you for life after 2012.

Since most of us get paid twice a month, we will be publishing a new article twice a month for the rest of the year.  On the 1st and the 15th of every month we will discuss what item(s) you should purchase and add to (or begin) your preparedness kit.  This kit will be assembled over the course of one year and (more…)