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Yet another voice from a concerned African-American citizen who refuses stand idle while the current administration attempts to rape her (and the rest of us) of our right to self defense.

“…your freedom needs to be protected.  And how do you protect freedom?  Well let’s just think about the last group of people in this country who were forbidden from owning guns – that would be black people.  Why?  Because we were slaves.  And what would happen if you gave a slave a gun?  Well, they would no longer be a slave…  It’s what keeps a society free, because when a government knows that it’s citizens can rise up against it – well, they’re a little less inclined to enslave it’s population.  It’s why every dictator in modern history has begun with a gun ban in their country under the auspices of protection and safety.  But what it did was disarm the citizenry.”

Don’t be a slave.  Learn from history.  Stand up for your rights.  Fight for your freedom.

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In light of the continued attack on our  2nd Amendment rights, we will continue to share brief, yet powerful videos that provide an African American perspective on gun control.  Do don’t do this because we believe the African American voice is more valuable, more intelligent, or more appealing than any other American voice.  We do this because of the valuable first hand experience to be gained from a people group who were forcefully kept unarmed by their very own government – a government that did so when the people needed protection the most.

Lord willing, that atrocity never happen again.

Please stay diligent in our battle to keep and bear arms.  Don’t be discouraged.  Don’t quit.  Don’t back down.  And please share on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, youtube, etc.


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In the midst of this administration’s tyrannical attack on our God-given right to protect ourselves and our families via the proposed gun laws, no shortage of words have been spilled by people with views on either side of the issues.  One view that should be particularly important due to our government having systematically raped them of their 2nd Amendment rights in the last century, is that of the African Americans citizen.

For too long the voice of this movement has been ignored by the mainstream media and marginalized for voicing the unpopular, yet historically accurate story of what gun-contol does to keep human beings from truly being free.  At The Ready Center, we will be releasing a series of videos acquired from the internet entitled “African American Perspective on Gun Control” that share the voice a people-group who have “been there”.  Please do your part to share these articles on facebook, twitter, pintrest, google+1, tumblr, etc.


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