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Week 3 Winner - Michelle Walde - The Ready Center

Hey Ready Center bloggers!

We have another winner!  This one is Michelle Walde of North Dakota.  Congratulations on winning a Preparedness Package in THE READY CENTER 1st Anniversary Product Giveaway!

I hope everyone else is on their toes.  Tomorrow we will be announcing the last of our 4 ready center winners.  Stay tuned because it could be YOU!

Congratulations Michelle!  And thanks for following THE READY CENTER!


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Article submitted by Brian S. Kiefat @ The Ready Center

Imagine this scenario: You lose electricity for a couple of weeks starting this evening.  Now look around your house and ask yourself a few questions. How would you cook?  How would you bathe or shower?  How would you keep you and your kids warm.  What would you use to keep your kids (more…)