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The Ready Center Free Stuff 3

Article submitted by Shirley Ready @ The Ready Center

Greetings, faithful Ready Center Blog readers!  Since we last chatted, I’ve been up to my ears in freebies.  I guess I was on a winning streak with my websites and as I type, the freebie bag that I base my articles on is nearly full again!

I last wrote about our huge pile of freebies in April (click here).  Here’s a portion of what I have received since then.  There’s more, but as I said (more…)

The Ready Center Freebie Pic 2

Article submitted by Shirley Ready @ The Ready Center

So it has come time to write about more of the free things that companies have sent me over the past two months.  I was hoping to write monthly, but the end of February was a bit dismal in my acquisition of freebies.  The goodie bag in our dining room slowly filled as I watched and waited these last two months.  I don’t open the items for use until I write the article – I’m sure you wouldn’t like to see a bunch of half eaten products and wrappers, so here we go!!! (more…)

The Ready Center Freebie 1

Article submitted by Shirley Ready @ The Ready Center

I don’t know about a free lunch, but I’ve recently started to acquire a large number of free samples from companies who are willing to send their products directly to my house.  In fact, I was surprised to find how much free stuff is really out there for grabs! I don’t like to spend a lot of time searching for freebies, but there are a number of sites that post sample announcements for you.  Some that I’ve tried flop badly or are frustrating to use, while others have been quite a success. (more…)