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After dealing with the onslaught of “Memorial Day” photos all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the rest of the internet, it seems necessary that someone remind America what Memorial Day is really about.  And what it’s not about.

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Veterans Day - The Ready Center

When I started The Ready Center over a year ago, I never realized how much the United States Veteran really was part of my life and community.  I am a veteran.  My wife is a veteran.  My father, grandfather, brother, father-in-law, almost every one of my friends, and 78% of our customers are US Veterans.

To all of you who have served or currently serve:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I am truly blessed to live amongst such honored warriors.

With all my heart and all my best,

Brian S. Kiefat
Owner – The Ready Center

Veterans Day - The Ready Center