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“Day 1000” – A Post Apocalyptic Short Film

  If you’re anything like me, you’re like a heroine addict going through withdrawals right now.  The Walking Dead and The Last Ship are between seasons.  Fear the Walking Dead is on a mid-season break.  Jericho, Falling Skies, and Revolution are thing of the past.  What on earth are we supposed to do…?! Well, in an…

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Prepared vs Unprepared

Below is a link to a very short narrative sharing two fictitious conversations that take place immediately after an EMP attack on the United States. One conversation is between a husband and wife who are prepared for disasters. The other is between a husband and wife who are NOT prepared for disaster. Although it is a very short…

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Not True… But Funny…

    This may not  be true…  But I still find it funny… The Ready Center Blog: Facebook: Twitter:

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The Ready Center We owe a big thank you to all of our customers who purchased survival and emergency items for themselves and their loved ones over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season (both from our online store, as well as the many vendor events we did).  We are forever grateful for having a such a dedicated and supportive…

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